Japanese cuisine has long been enjoyed by Australia, and we are dedicated to guiding you through all the most popular Japanese restaurants and events. With a dedicated focus on Japanese cuisine and restaurants in Australia, we provide our readers with the latest insights and interesting facts about Japanese cuisine.

About Wabi Sabi

Wabi Sabi is dedicated to providing fans of Japanese cuisine with the latest news and insight into its popularity and how the cuisine got into the Australian market. Japanese restaurants have been operating in Australia since the 60s and have never ceased to impress food critics and enthusiasts with authentic traditional dishes. That is why we are eager to share our thoughts, knowledge, and dedicated passion for Japanese cuisine with our readers.

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Japanese Restaurants

With so many authentic Japanese restaurants situated all over the country, it’s not so easy trying to decide on which restaurant to visit. We bring you all the latest details about Japanese restaurants of all levels, including street vendors, fine dining sushi bars, and Michelin star Australian-Japanese fusions.

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Events and Functions

As Australia’s love for Japanese cuisine is becoming more devoted to authentic preparations and ingredients, many festivals and events are being hosted to showcase the art of preparing Japanese dishes. We share all the most important information on where to attend Japanese cuisine events and what to expect from these events.

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