Top Japanese-Australian Chefs

Japanese cuisine is a vital part of the Australian restaurant industry and is known for being unique both in fusing Japanese and Australian cuisine as well as being completely authentic.

With the love of Japanese cuisine in Australia, some chefs stand out as providing a completely authentic experience for guests.

These are among the most celebrated and authentic Japanese cuisine chefs in Australia.

Tetsuya Wakuda

Tetsuya Wakuda is by far Australia’s most celebrated Japanese chef. He is famous for his Tetsuya’s restaurant in Sydney, which has a Michelin star showcasing the chef’s talents in preparing traditional Japanese foods. Having been presented with a medal in The Queens Birthday 2005 honours List for his development of Australian cuisine, he is arguably the most famous Australian chef.

Koichi Minamishima – At Minamishima, Melbourne

Koichi is a master chef in fine Japanese dining with meals that are prepared tableside in a minimalist setting that will draw you closer to the traditional means of preparing Japanese cuisine. Koichi was first the head chef at Kenzan for many years until he developed a desire to prepare and showcase traditional sushi.

Chase Kojima – At Sokyo, Pyrmont

Chase Kojima is most well known for being the prominent chef at Sokyo in Pyrmont. Sokyo, together with chef Kojima brings tradition and innovation with a menu that will suit almost any occasion with its highly authentic and infused dishes. With the traditional meals available, the chef also focuses on providing clientele with cracking cocktails and a sake menu that will surprise you.

Nic Wong – At Cho Cho San, Sydney

Nic Wong has long been admired by lovers of Japanese cuisine. He has been part of Sydney’s ever-evolving restaurant for more than 10 years, working at some of the most popular Japanese restaurants, including Cho Cho. His approach to cooking has been admired by many for its simplistic focus on using only the best local and fresh ingredients with clean flavours.

The chefs on this list are all based in Australia and provide both authentic and fashioned Japanese cuisine. When considering visiting any of their restaurants, it’s essential to make a booking.