Top Japanese Restaurants in Australia

Sushi Bars and Japanese restaurants are situated all over the country and can be found around almost every corner in the main cities. But finding completely authentic Japanese cuisine is not as easy as just stepping into any Japanese restaurant. This article will showcase some of the most authentic Japanese restaurants in Australia, what to expect from them, and why you will be experiencing the most ’real’ Japanese cuisine possible.

These 3 restaurants are renowned for their quality of authentic Japanese cuisine and can even be witnessed at some Japanese food festivals.

Lonely Mouth – Sydney

Lonely Mouth is the perfect destination to experience the best Ramen in Australia. Being Sydney’s only 100% plant-based ramen bar, they are popular among both Japanese cuisine lovers and vegetarians looking for a new experience in Japanese cuisine. This is a straightforward eatery that serves some of the most extraordinary bowls of vegan Japanese noodles, rice, beers, and anything Japanese cuisine.

Hifumiya Udon Noodle House – Perth

Hifumiya Udon Noodle House is the ultimate destination to experience the best Udon in Australia. As the first Udon restaurant in Perth, it has a large following of those with love for Japanese cuisine. The restaurant has also been remodelled off the owner’s home in Okayama, which is the birthplace of Udo and serves as an authentic designed interior as well as traditional recipes used.

Komeyui – Melbourne

Komeyui is one of the highest-rated Japanese restaurants in Australia and is situated in Southbank Victoria, Melbourne. The restaurant owner Kuma came to Australia from a fishing village in Hokkaido and is now showcasing his discipline in perfecting authentic and homemade Japanese cuisine to anybody who wants to experience it. Share various delightful dishes with authentic Japanese cuisine at Kamei for an experience of a lifetime.

With Japanese food being among the most popular cuisines in Australia, it’s no wonder the restaurant industry is seeing a surge in Japanese restaurants starting up around the country. With sushi being among the most enjoyed dishes in Australia, authentic Japanese restaurants provide an experience of tasting sushi with a more traditional preparation to witness the art of preparing these cuisine masterpieces.