Upcoming Japanese Food Events

Australia has a love for many different cuisines, and Japanese cuisine is no exception. This article will provide details on 3 of the most astonishingly exciting Japanese cuisine festivals and events to attend. There are many different ways to explore Japanese cuisine through events around Australia and will give any food lover the experience of a lifetime.

As Japanese cuisine has become extremely popular in Australia throughout the 80s, the country has seen many world-famous chefs opening up restaurants and hosting exciting cuisine events to showcase their recipes and produce.

Enjoy all the most tasteful dishes and beverages from Japan by visiting any of these events in Australia.

Japan Expo – Sydney – 3 September

The ultimate annual event for anybody wanting to explore Japanese cuisine in all its forms. With everything encompassing Japanese culture being active at this expo, all attendees can expect a full experience of the cuisine, Japanese music, and more. Known as Japan’s leading food, tourism, and culture exhibition, attendees can expect to see up to 30 exhibitors, 20 conferences, 6 cultural demonstrations, Japanese tea, sake, sobo, miso, and a lot more.

Australian Sake Festival – NSW – 1 October

The Australian SAKE festival will be taking place at the Paddington Town Hall in New South Wales on World Sake Day. The event provides food lovers with the chance to explore over 200 different types of sake, umeshu, and yuzushu, as well as sushi tastes. See various sake stalls showcased by multiple Australian distributors and Japanese sake breweries, tastings, sake ware, panel talks, live Japanese drumming and more.

Mindful Shojin Chef Training with Toshio Tanahashi – NSW – 27 November

The Mindful Shojin Chef training workshop will be held at Pompei’s in Bondi Beach and is presented as a rare opportunity to be able to learn from this master in an intimate kitchen setting. The workshop has a small group of individuals providing each attendee with the perfect chance to get dedicated attention and be able to interact with chef Toshio Tanahashi.

With the love of Japanese cuisine in Australia, there are many chances for food lovers to experience Japanese food and be able to learn more about the cultural and traditional elements involved in the cuisine with beverages and more.